What inspires you, Girlfriend?

Recently my niece in Texas delivered her first baby.  This is the second baby in the line of “second tier cousins” (all the first cousins’ offspring).  I had committed to creating a baby blanket for the arrival of Kacy Rae.

When my niece informed me that the colors of her nursery are pink, blue, and white, it was all crocheting after that!

I started in the center with a pure white ~~ to signify Christ at the center of their home and a reflection of their faith in God.  As I continued my project, I had to determine how I wanted the final product to look.

As I near completion, I have decided to finish the edging with a pure white scalloped border to signify the Holy Spirit holding them all together as a Family.

“Welcome to the world, Kacy Rae ~~ Auntie Linda is sending you some love❣”


T2T Visionary

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I'm a GOD Girl that desires to fulfill the Purpose that He has breathed into her heart: to bring up the ones coming up behind her. Titus 2 encourages women like me to reach out beyond our comfort zones and become transparent and vulnerable for the sake of those who want more of GOD and to walk closer with Him. A perfect past is not mine to speak of -- I don't even know what that is -- but I DO know the One Who holds my future, and He has redeemed me from the hurts of yesterday to give me a hope for tomorrow.

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